Developing advanced technologies for water treatment, contaminant and pathogen detection and removal, and energy reduction.


Next-Gen Secondary Wastewater Treatment for Potable Reuse

We are researching membrane biofilm reactors (MBRs) to enhance the efficiency of biological nutrient removal.

Ohlund RJ, Dahdah BH, Guillen GR, Childress AE. Augmenting ocean water desalination with potable reuse: Concept feasibility in terms of cost and environmental impacts. Desalination. 2024;569:116941.

Integrated Systems of Water Reuse and Desalination

Advancing the understanding of how seawater desalination and wastewater treatment facilities may be integrated, and the estimated costs associated with integration.

Disinfection Strategies for Blended Reuse Streams

How is disinfection byproduct formation affected by blending seawater and wastewater during treatment, and how can we reduce their formation in blended streams?

Plata SL, Childress AE, McCurry DL. Minimizing N-Nitrosodimethylamine Formation During Disinfection of Blended Seawater and Wastewater Effluent. ACS ES&T Water. 2024;4(4):1498-507.

Toxicities of Contaminants and Contaminant Mixtures

Total Organic Chlorine Analysis to Assess Safety of UV/Chlorine Advanced Oxidation

High-Recovery Membrane Processes for Minimum Liquid Discharge

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