The USC ReWater Center aims to empower an engineering work force that is invested in the development of state-of-the-art technology for the advancement of national and global water security.

On a mission to create a brighter and more resilient world

With a primary focus on addressing water scarcity, we’re at the forefront of developing groundbreaking methods for recycling and purifying water to meet increasing demand as well as stringent quality standards.

The solutions we pursue balance water quality objectives with energy, nutrient, and resource extraction, as well as environmental aspects associated of residuals disposal

Our center is a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together experts in engineering, chemistry and materials science, environmental sciences, artificial intelligence, social sciences, and communications to push the boundaries of water treatment and to educate the public.

How we operate

We are a team of academic researchers alongside industrial, municipal, and government partners solving the public health, energy, and sustainability challenges of potable reuse.

We seek to advance education on potable reuse and facilitate communication with the public and amongst the potable reuse community